National Award Winners

  • 2006- NOAHU wins 1st place for national Retention-Large Chapter

  • 2005- NOAHU is honored with the Website Award for the top chapter website.  Immediate Past President Stephanie Booth McGinnis is recognized with the national President Citation Award.

  • 2004 & 2005 - Jennifer Toups is recognized with the national President's Triple Crown award.

  • 2003 & 2004- NOAHU is awarded NAHU's highest chapter honor-the Pacesetter Award. NOAHU was one of 14 national winners, but only 1 of 3 in the medium-large chapter category.

  • 2002 - NOAHU recognized for having the Highest Membership Growth Rate in the nation.  In addition, the chapter placed 3rd in the Overall Membership category in the GAIN Competition.

  • 1983 - NOAHU won the Robert Osler Education Award for excellence in promulgating health insurance education.

  • Harold Gordon Memorial Award (NAHU Highest National Award) - 1991- George Emrick, RHU; 1994- James Henderson, RHU

  • Distinguished Service Award -2003- Christine Buras, REBC, RHU, LTCIS; 1984 &1990- Ray Cumpsten, RHU; 1987- Linda Ray, RHU

Past National President

from the New Orleans Chapter

  • 1976- George Emrick, RHU

  • 1985- M. Phil Weinstein, RHU

  • 1989- Jim Henderson, RHU

Health Underwriter of the Year

Awarded annually, the Health Underwriter of the Year is the New Orleans chapter's highest honor which is awarded for excellence in advancing the mission of the chapter.

2005:    Kenny Collins

2004:     Robin Frick

2003:     Jennifer Toups

2002:     Christine Buras, RHU,REBC,LTCIS &    Jennifer Toups

2001:      Mortimore Kelly

Spark Plug Award

The Spark Plug Award was introduced in June 2003 to recognize outstanding motivation and acheivement by a new member. This award is considered annually, but only awarded in the case of merit. 

2005:   Carmen Manzano

2003:   Jack Duvernay